Candle by candle to better self

Crafted to foster positive habits and inspire personal growth and well-being


Non – toxic

hand – poured

Natural Soy Wax

Made in usa

Every burned candle marks your commitment to positive habits

Whether you're an artist, writer, or simply seeking that burst of creative energy, lighting this candle becomes a ritual – a call to awaken your creative spirit. 


Struggling to maintain focus and drifting between tasks? This candle is your ally in overcoming distractions and committing to a single task.


Need a calm mind? We are here to help. Our Meditation Candle is a gateway to cultivating mindful habits, particularly meditation.


Designed for those cherished moments when secrets are whispered over a drink with your closest friend or partner.


Crafted to evoke a sense of thankfulness, this candle creates an ambiance that elevates moments of reflection and appreciation.


In need of a serene escape from the daily rush? Crafted to create a peaceful oasis within your space, this candle calls for moments of pure relaxation.


client review

"Silensol candles have honestly changed the vibe in my space. It's like they bring their own stories—whether I'm diving into a focused work session or having heart-to-heart conversations, these scents set the mood perfectly. They've become my go-to, from moments of meditation to bursts of creative energy." 


Our candle philosophy

Our candles go beyond scent; they're designed to foster positive habits and unique experiences. Whether aiding focus, guiding meditation, or inspiring gratitude, each candle encourages self-care and shared moments. 


Burning a candle marks an achievement, celebrating your commitment—for example finishing a meditation candle symbolizes 60-80 hours of dedicated practice, a victory fueling personal growth.



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